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Multi Vendor Management
We offer a multi-vendor advantage to customers in managing their complex IT environment. Our engineering resources can support customer wide range of IT systems of hardware and software products in different brand names, from personal computers to high-end servers, and from operating systems to applications. Maintenance Support is the hardware and software repair, tuning and enhancement support for the customers. Our certified engineers possess years of cross-platform exposure to fully support all computer and network products for enterprises across all industries. We can boast service and support skills that more than match the standards of any manufacturer. But our engineers are also trained for, and immersed daily in, the complex issues that open-architecture spawns so prolifically.

Our multi-vendor services exist precisely to act as the front line with vendor support in a multi-vendor environment. While manufacturer engineers bicker about the origins of a costly conflict, the depth of our front-line multi-vendor experience allows us to home in on the source of your woes, quickly and accurately. Like you, the user, we appreciate that it is no more possible to understand a complex IT system by analysing its component parts, than you can 'know' a person by examining their internal organs. In a complex, competitive multi-vendor environment, you can rely on us to see the whole picture.

Please contact us for a quote. We offer discounts ranging from 30 to 60% off the japanese list price for a multitude of vendors.
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