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Telephone Systems
Telephone Systems-VoIP Solutions-CTI Solutions

Telephone System is another core factor for IT management in your organization. Designing and implementing the best solution for your telephone system makes a big difference in your running cost and efficiency of your business.

We offer the two types of voice technologies for the enterprise business.
PABX implementations
VoIP "Voice over IP" implementations

Our PABX solution include new system installation, voice mail system installation, upgrade and maintenance, and migration to VoIP.

Our VoIP solutions offer our client a wide range of configuration scenarios depending on the client environment and the business implementation that he or she needs. This can be as easy as providing an ip telephony between two offices, or setting up a long haul voice trunk, then increasing the complexity to provide a global IP telephony network for the entire enterprise. Our expertise in this area can provide VoIP with a quality comparable to and sometimes exceending that of the circuit switched service of the office PABX or/and the PSTN. The VoIP solution help clients reducing their telephone costs by using the Internet infrastructure. When it comes to enjoying the benefits of the VoIP technology our experience can bring together the different pieces of unified messaging, email system, and CTI applications (call center management applications) to get the most value of an integrated voice infrastructure.
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