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Network Design/Implementation/Office Relocation
Infrastructure Design and Office Relocation
Our integrated communication solutions allow enterprises to combine different types of communications, such as voice, video, data, email, web and fax over a single packet- or cell-based infrastructure.
By combining these traffic on a single network infrastructure, enterprises can dramatically reduce their communication costs. Network topologies are simplified and networking components are eliminated or standardized. In some cases, enterprises can reduce their communication costs by up to 50 percents.
Phones and PCs become the intelligent stations of our integrated communication solution supporting data, voice, fax, web and video. Using our integrated communication solutions, an enterprise will be enabling higher employee productivity, enhancing customer service and encouraging greater collaboration.
n addition, network managers can minimize the cost and complexity by managing just one integrated multi-service network.
We provide network solutions for different network technologies starting from ATM, Frame relay, ISDN, SONET/SDH, to GigaEthernet and Wireless LAN, to enterprise, ISPs, and public sector. Our end to end IP solution no matter what the underlying infrastructure is enable our clients to exercise all the business functionality they require in a very reliable and secure fashion.
Intranet Infrastructure Solutions
Deploying Internet business applications such as e-commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and IP telephony can help an enterprise to work more efficiently and out-perform the competition.
However, an enterprise needs to prepare its network infrastructure to take advantage of these applications. Our intranet infrastructure solutions will provide the added bandwidth, security, quality-of-service and management capabilities that are needed to run these applications successfully.
Based on the most advanced multi-layer LAN switching technology, a proven, scalable deployment architecture and high quality implementation services, our intranet infrastructure solutions provide the performance, security and reliability required to support today's Internet-enabled business applications.
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