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Network Support
After tens of infrastructures, hundreds of problems, ABSOLUTE has the experience and resources you need to help design and implement solutions. And we are committed to providing exceptional service, from the immediately apparent (no voice mail run-around because we understand that your time is at least as valuable as ours) to the less readily apparent (authorizations from all the major manufacturers). Call us. We would be happy to provide a free evaluation of your IT infrastructure and make recommendations to improve its productivity.
Our consulting expertise is derived from our broad experience with real IT problems and real IT systems. We know what works. Our Multi-lingual engineers can easily communicate with your staffs to provide a better service and support.
System Integration
We have planned and installed tens of IT infrastructures, ranging in size from 10 to 250 users and from single server sites to WANs encompassing multiple sites with multiple servers. Our network and system architects provided design solutions and configurations for various kinds of environments.
Time and Materials
We are available on a t&m (time and materials) basis for installing, upgrading or troubleshooting your IT infrastructure. We can provide on site as well as off site support.
Hardware and Software Sales
Knowledgeable help and competitive pricing for hardware and software purchases. Our engineers with multitude of skillsets can provide all kind of maintenance, troubleshooting and after sale support service.
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